About Connective

Everyone deserves to feel safe and included in their chosen community. At Connective, we see a path forward for everyone, with opportunities to learn, grow and develop—on their own terms, and at their own pace. Connective is committed to facilitating transformative social change in communities across BC and the Yukon—and to reframing how society thinks about people facing systemic barriers.

The Connective approach is person-centered, holistic and community-based. Over the past 90 years, we’ve woven a strong social safety net that addresses the needs of everyone who walks through our doors. Our services include reintegration support, housing and homelessness prevention, employment, outreach, Community Living and other community-based services that create safe, healthy, and inclusive communities. In our continuum of support, people can find what they need to move forward—and access assistance with navigating challenging social systems. In us, people find an advocate willing to work tirelessly to help them overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

Connective is here for everyone—at every stage, in any circumstance. We’re not afraid to take a chance and go where others won’t. To roll up our sleeves and connect the dots. To work collaboratively with our vast network of partners to ensure no one slips through the cracks.

Connective’s work on the ground is a foundation to affect lasting social change. For all.


We’re honoured to share a name and brand with the Nanaimo and Kamloops Connective regions. Nanaimo, formerly John Howard Society Nanaimo Region, joined Connective in September 2022, while Kamloops joined in March 2022.

We were so pleased to welcome these new communities to the Connective name and brand. Our shared values, collaborative approaches, and vision for the future made it a logical transition for each of our organizations.

We’re proud to have expanded our Connective community, and to have the opportunity to work together to create safe, healthy, and inclusive communities for all.

A safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all.

We strengthen communities by supporting people experiencing barriers so they can achieve greater independence.

Inclusive -  We create an environment where everyone can feel welcome and respected

Accountable - We are responsive, take responsibility for our actions, and honour our commitments

Person-Centered - We adapt our approach to the individual and use empathy and compassion in all of our interactions

Collaborative - We engage and work closely with others - both within and outside our organization

Determined - We are passionate, do not shy away from tough challenges, and respond to setbacks with a renewed drive to succeed

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity

At Connective we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive space for all. Throughout all aspects of our organization, we implement inclusive, person-centered, collaborative, determined, and accountable approaches. Our values are at the foundation of everything we do.


Our CARF accreditation demonstrates our dedication and commitment to continuously improving our services for the people that we serve.
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Our Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors and learn how each of their expertise helps us create safe, healthy and inclusive communities for all.


We are thankful to receive funding and grants from community members, government, and private sector partners in addition to other sources. For more details on the funding that we receive, please refer to our financial statement or contact us.


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