Sharing the Rising Star, Champion & Legend of JHS Pacific

At JHS Pacific, we have three employee recognition programs that offer us unique opportunities to celebrate our staff, acknowledge their achievements, and showcase how our program teams are making progress towards our vision of a safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all.

This includes our High Fives, our Spirit of John Howard Award, and our Awards of Excellence.

The Awards of Excellence is our most prestigious awards series, and we were pleased to award them to our three deserving recipients this past month. Today, we are excited to announce this year’s winners to our wider community!

Taking place biennially, the JHS Pacific Awards of Excellence recognize and celebrate our Rising Stars, Champions, and Legends. Through nominations received from coworkers, peers, and our leadership team, the Awards of Excellence allow us to celebrate the contributions and achievements of our staff, including those who show dedication and initiative; provide vision and inspiration; and make significant contributions to the JHS.


Becky Drohan, JHS Pacific Rising Star

Our Rising Star award goes to someone that has been with us for less than 2 years who demonstrates great potential to become a leader in our sector. Since starting with us in 2018, Becky has made instrumental impacts with the teams she has been involved in. Currently an Outreach Worker with our Miller Block housing program, Becky’s nominator said, “She has made a tremendous impact on both the program and individuals living in the building” particularly through her person-centered approach.

We spoke with Becky about winning this award and got insight from her on what motivates her to do the work that she does at Miller Block. She explored the root cause of addictive behavior, and how it stems “from a desire to escape the present moment, which can be loaded with unpleasant memories of the past, fears of what will happen in the future, chronic pain, loneliness, etc.…”

“Doing fun things that give people an opportunity to connect to the present moment is the most important task in my work at Miller Block. Everything else I do here is easy in comparison: booking doctor appointments, grocery shopping, writing budgets, teaching literacy skills, cooking, legal research... You can do all those things, but getting someone to stick to the budget, do the exercise they say they want to do, consider detox, go to the counselling appointment, follow their conditions, take safety measures when they’re doing sex work: that’s all self-worth” 

Becky Drohan, JHS Outreach Worker
Katie Osborne, JHS Pacific Champion

The Champion award is presented to a staff member who goes the extra mile to make a difference, brings fresh ideas to their program and the organization, and is a source of inspiration to all staff. Katie is a champion to say the least, having worked in many of our programs and services throughout her 4+ years with JHS. She has had a tremendous impact on not only the programs that she has worked with, but more importantly on her coworkers and the people she supports.

To Katie, her collaborative team and the people they serve are among her favourite things about working with JHS Pacific. “They’re a big part of my continuous growth and expansion personally and professionally” – Katie Osborne, Manager of Community Services

“Katie's proactiveness has encouraged others to step up and assist in different programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her ability to navigate through these unexpected problems have eased the difficulties many of the individuals we serve are facing.”

Katie’s nominator
Pat Gilbert – JHS Pacific Legend

Our legend award is presented to a long-standing staff member who demonstrates a sustained level of high performance, serves as a mentor, and has made extraordinary contributions to the JHS and our wider community. This year, we were honoured to present the JHS Pacific Legend award posthumously to someone recognized by many as a true JHS Legend. Pat was the Residence Manager at Hobden House, one of our community-based residential facilities, for many years, and a residence worker there before. She was with our organization for over 18 years, and in her time with JHS worked with hundreds of people who made a home out of Hobden and eventually moved on to become productive members of our communities.

“She was not someone to turn down a challenge or back down from standing up for what was right. Pat’s name still hums around the jails, long after retirement, as she had that kind of impact on the lives of those who society had long given up.” – Pat’s nominator

An amazing mentor and fearless leader, she will be greatly missed by the many lives she touched before passing away from a courageous battle with cancer in the fall of 2019.

“For anyone who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Pat Gilbert, they know how important she was to the John Howard Society and to the people she worked with. For those who did not, it is the responsibility of those who did, to carry on her legacy and what she represented.”

Pat’s nominator


We are so thankful to have many leaders among us, including this year’s winners of our Awards of Excellence.