Community Living Services

Our Community Living services support adults under the care of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to build connections to their community and achieve greater independence. For more details about CLBC, or to assess if you or somebody you care for is eligible for CLBC supports, please refer to their website.


Our outreach services assist eligible individuals to identify, work towards, and achieve their self-determined needs and goals. We offer connections and supports in accessing services or activities in the community, and assist in the areas, in addition to supporting them in developing life-skills so that they can achieve greater independence and actively engage in their community.

Our Community Living Outreach and Community Inclusion program provides person-centred, one-to-one services to adults referred to our organization by CLBC. Our programs support individuals to live as independently as possible while ensuring opportunities to engage in the community and build healthy relationships. Community-based outreach supports may include employment, housing, building healthy relationships, and social/recreational opportunities. Our Community Living Outreach teams serve individuals through our offices in Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, and Kamloops.


The goals of our Outreach and Community Inclusion are to:
  • Assist individuals to live as independently as possible while ensuring opportunities to participate in community activities of their choosing
  • Promote independence by providing life-skills training through person-centered plans developed by the person served with assistance from their Outreach Worker
  • Increase inclusion in the neighbourhood and community
  • Enhance and support quality of life of persons served
Admission criteria:
  • Our Community Living Outreach programs support individuals who are funded by CLBC, who outline the admission criteria for outreach services. Please contact your local CLBC office for admission and referral inquiries.
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Our Community Living residential services include a variety of supported living, shared living and staffed residential programs. Individuals may live independently in the community with support throughout the week, in a shared living environment, or in a home with others that includes support throughout the day and night. Residents are supported with their personal goals and needs, and with skill-building to promote inclusion and independence.

We have a range of innovative, person-centred residential programs that assist people under the care of CLBC with diverse needs who may experience complex and intersecting barriers. This includes residential programs that provide affordable housing; alternatives to the traditional justice and forensic systems; programs that utilize a trauma-informed harm reduction model; and those for persons experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness.


Some of our Community Living residential programs provide 24-hour living assistance, while others are independent suite options with access to staff supports. While our Community Living residential programs look different for each resident depending on their self-identified needs, goals, and interests, our programs provide options as necessary for skill building in the following areas to promote both community inclusion and greater independence:

  • Daily living skills: Personal hygiene, health/mental health, time management, meal planning and preparation, shopping, daily/weekly chores, and budgeting
  • Community awareness and social maturity: Transportation, leisure, volunteering, interpersonal skills, relationship building, consideration, problem-solving, and public safety
  • Educational and vocational skills: Employment readiness preparation, referrals to community-based educational/job training programs, volunteer placements, job searches, resume, and job interviews
  • Increased social network: Increasing community connectedness through activities that foster participation, inclusion, and access to essential support
  • Community engagement: Enhancing opportunities related to volunteering, employment, recreational activities, day programs, and community engagement

Our Community Living Residential Programs

Fraser Street Apartments

Fraser Apartments is an independent living residential option comprised of 8 bachelor suites for individuals under the care of CLBC, which provides a residence with strong community ideals within an inclusive and affordable housing platform. Fraser Apartments acts as a foundation for long-term sustainable housing while fostering a community where people experience belonging. By blending a housing-first and person-centred approach, it strives to serve a wide demographic of people living with multiple barriers including areas of developmental disabilities, problematic substance use, homelessness, and mental health. Fraser Apartments also provides an opportunity for tenants to establish themselves in a community that is welcoming, supportive, and safe.


Miller Block 

Miller Block provides stable and supportive housing for people under the care of CLBC who may be experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness who also have co-occurring barriers such as active substance use, ongoing mental health, and social and criminal justice issues. The residential program provides a housing opportunity where residents can participate in a rich social community that embraces differences and promotes the active participation of each resident. Miller Block acts as a pivotal building block towards long-term sustainable housing by leveraging community, creating effective programming, and supporting people with life-skills. Miller Block works in partnership with CLBC, and by blending a housing first and person-centred approach to peoples’ lives, supports people with the opportunity to establish themselves in a community that is welcoming, supportive, and safe. Miller Block is made up of 13 independent single occupancy suites, with private bathrooms and kitchens in each. Residents at Miller Block have access to on-site staff support 16-18 hours per day.


Vancouver Apartments

Vancouver Apartments provides 24-hour support to residents who are under the care of CLBC in a community home setting. The program supports residents to acquire the social, educational, or vocational upgrading which will enable them to thrive in less structured independent living arrangements. Vancouver Apartments provides intensive living assistance to promote independence, and activities focus on community participation, inclusion, and removing barriers and stigma to accessing essential supports.


Individualized Community Living Residential Programs

Our Individualized Community Living Residential programs provide a structured living environment and community supports for adults under the care of CLBC with supervision orders which require 24-hour monitoring. The programs provide innovative and individualized alternatives to the traditional justice and forensic systems, and residents are supported to achieve community integration through a customized model of housing and supports. Our individualized residential programs provide monitoring for safe living in the community, and person-centred plans through which residents can learn the skills necessary to be responsible, independent, contributing members of society within the parameters of their supervision orders.

The goals of our Community Living Residential Services are to:
  • Provide a supportive home environment
  • Increase social network for residents to experience increased community connectedness
  • Provide living assistance and skill building to enhance community participation and inclusion
  • Promote independence through individualized plans that reflect the goals of the person served
Admission criteria:
  • Our Community Living Residential programs support individuals who are funded by CLBC, who outline the admission criteria for the residential programs. Please contact your local CLBC office for admission and referral inquiries.
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Our Home Share program is a flexible residential option where an adult eligible for CLBC services shares a home with someone contracted to provide them with ongoing support. This may look different for each individual, based on their own preferences, goals, and needs. Sometimes shared living can be with one person, other times an individual may live with a couple or family.

Home Share is a residential option for adults under the care of CLBC in which the individual shares a home with a Home Share provider who provides ongoing, individualized support. Homes may be owned, rented, or leased by the Home Share provider or by the individual requiring support. In some situations, the individual lives in a family home. In others, the Home Share provider and the supported individual live together as roommates in a cooperative relationship. The individuals within the home not only share their living space, but also their lives. In some homes, the members of the household spend significant amounts of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. In other situations, the Home Sharing arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships.


Individuals tend to choose this option because it provides an ideal balance of support and independence. Individuals are able to select a Home Share provider and home environment that meet their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible and evolves according to the changing needs of the individual. For some, Home Share is a stepping stone to even greater independence. For others, it is a long-term arrangement.

The goals of our Home Share Program are to:
  • Facilitate a stable, long-lasting relationship between individuals and Home Share providers offering individualized support
  • Enhance the quality of life for people using Home Share services
  • Increase the life-skills, independence, and experience of safety and community inclusion for those using Home Share services
Admission criteria:
  • Our Home Share programs support individuals who are funded by CLBC, who outline the admission criteria for residential shared living programs. Please contact your local CLBC office for admission and referral inquiries

Are you interested in providing Home Share support?

Home Share Providers provide a high quality of care and have access to courses, training, and resources that enhance the quality of their support. They are required to undergo a thorough screening process that includes criminal record checks, a home study, reference checks, a medical certificate, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training, and first aid certifications.

To apply to become a Home Share Provider, email us (contact details below) a detailed resume and cover letter highlighting your interest and experience supporting people with developmental disabilities. We also welcome you to connect with us to learn more about Home Share, and opportunities to contribute to the program.


For more information on Home Share Program, please contact us:


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