How You Can Make a Difference

GivingTuesday is tomorrow, and it marks an important day for charities and communities across the globe.

It’s the one day each year when individuals, charities, businesses, and communities come together to kick off the season of giving. This global generosity-driven movement celebrates and encourages activities that support charities; the activities that ultimately support community.

At the JHS, donations go a long way and we are incredibly grateful for the contributions made by our generous donors. As we have seen with so many social movements in the past – and those taking place right now – it is truly miraculous to see the collective impact that individual actions can have.

This past year, our donors made it possible for us to support over 900 people in meeting their basic needs, and our collective network allowed us to serve over 3,300 people across BC.

Our Vancouver Community Services Office responded to over 4,000 requests for support alone, from assistance to finding housing, employment, health services (including food security, counselling, dental) and so much more, and donors have been essential to our ability to achieve this.

“Creating a space that people can rely on when they need a warm place to go, a meal, or support is such a huge deal. The dependability of this contributes to how people feel when they enter our office. For example, if you’re hungry, you might feel agitated, mad, or easily frustrated, but having that meal really helps alleviate those feelings. It plays a huge part in creating a reliable, safe, and supportive environment for people.”

– Rachel Hoi, a staff member working out of our Vancouver CSO

COVID-19 has had profound impacts on our society; every individual, family, business, and organization has been required to adapt and compromise as a result of the pandemic. We continue to see the particularly devastating impacts that it has on vulnerable people in our community, and we’re doing everything that we can to ensure people in need of support have access to whatever they need to stay safe, healthy, and connected during this time.

With the help of donations big and small, we can ensure that supports and services continue to be accessible to individuals facing barriers in our community. We can continue to assist people experiencing homelessness to find safe housing and procure much needed supplies for programs such as our Community Services Office – a place open to individuals who may not otherwise have access to a safe, warm place to go. We can expand drop-in programming available to individuals who need additional support through this precarious time and ensure that they have the resources and supports necessary for them to meet their needs.

With your support, we can address the urgent challenges faced by our community’s most vulnerable and ensure that the supports that they need are readily available to them.
Meet Elaine* a JHS service user

“You have to think about paying rent, buying things like clothes or shoes, paying for food and all that stuff but people don’t have that much money to do it all… For me, in my own experience, that’s what I have to do. I have to save money for rent and I’m trying to bring my daughter here… these are things that I want to do, but sometimes it’s hard to save because you need food.”

– Elaine

With the holiday season upon us, and COVID-19 impacting the ways in which can celebrate, our staff teams have been working hard to organize festive events, while continuing to prioritize health and safety amidst the pandemic. Currently, our staff are brainstorming and organizing ways to make the holidays special for service users; a time of year that may be difficult for people who have faced trauma, loss, or hardship in their lives. They are thinking big to design and deliver activities that bring joy, comfort, and connection – like turkey dinners, ham roasts, Santa drive-through parties, take-home holiday crafting kits, and pop up meal tents. We are grateful for the role that the JHS community, including donors and supporters have played in helping us to achieve our vision of a safe, healthy and inclusive community. Thank you so much for your continued support, however you show it.