Shifting Focus: Snapshots of Resilience

We are so pleased and proud to announce that members of the JHS community are currently being featured in UBC’s photo exhibit Shifting Focus: Snapshots of Resilience.

The exhibit amplifies the voices of men who have experienced incarceration and provides a solid platform through which they can share their stories.

We are so proud of our past service users and others within the JHS community who have taken part in this exhibit! We encourage you to check it out for yourself and to learn more about the photographers – all of whom share their stories in the short film linked on the exhibit website.

Shifting Focus: Snapshots of Resilience is part of a larger five-year initiative delivered through UBC’s Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education (CCPHE), Trauma at the Root: Exploring Paths to Healing with Formerly Incarcerated Men. Trauma at the Root is a partnership between CCPHE and the John Howard Society of Canada, which raises awareness about trauma and fostering resilience among men who have ben incarcerated.

The Shifting Focus exhibit was intended as an opportunity for participants, all formerly incarcerated men, to apply the knowledge they gained in a trauma and resilience awareness workshop they attended this year as part of this larger project.

This summer we had the honour of hosting folks intimately involved in the Trauma at the Root project at our JHS National Conference Speaker Series. Through a one-hour presentation, Kate Roth, Richard Teague, and Chris Richardson from CCPHE explored the relationship between trauma and incarceration and the positive impact that Trauma at the Root is having on program participants.

The initiative raises awareness of the concepts and processes of trauma and resilience, as well as how they relate to substance use. It explores how men want to foster resilience, and how they perceive the effects of trauma and resilience on their inter-personal relationships, their incarceration and reintegration experiences, and on their help-seeking behaviour.

Watch their session to learn more about this incredible project!