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Community Living BC

Our Community Living services support adults under the care of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to build connections to their community and achieve greater independence

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Outreach and Community Inclusion

Our Outreach and Community Inclusion programs help individuals access services and build community connections, while supporting them to develop the life skills required to meet their self-identified needs and goals. Staff encourage service users to identify, work toward, and achieve these goals so they can build greater independence and more active community engagement.

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Residential Services

Our Community Living residential programs include a variety of supported living, shared living, and staffed residential programs offering skill-building, support identifying and achieving personal goals, and the promotion of independence and inclusion. Individuals may live on their own with support throughout the week, in a shared living environment, or in a home with others.

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Home Share

Our Home Share program is a flexible residential option where an adult shares a home with a person, couple, or family, who provides them with ongoing and individualized support. These housing options are available to eligible adults through CLBC and can be tailored to support each individual’s unique needs and goals.

Our Community Living Services

To assess if you or somebody you care for is eligible for CLBC supports, please refer to their website.