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Who We Are

Connective is a community-based social services nonprofit operating in BC and the Yukon to create safe, healthy, and inclusive communities for all

Four women outside talking while warmly dressed

Over the past 90 years, we’ve woven a strong social safety net that addresses the needs of all who walk through our doors. At Connective, we see a path forward for everyone, with opportunities to learn, grow, and develop—on their own terms and at their own pace.


We enable this through a continuum of innovative and dynamic housing, life-skills, outreach, employment, and community-based services, with the goal of assisting individuals to achieve greater independence. In us, people can find what they need to move forward and navigate challenging social systems.


Every day, we see the resilience of people rewriting their own narrative and working against a system that is deeply flawed. Connective is committed to facilitating transformative social change in communities across BC and the Yukon, and to reframing how society thinks about those facing systemic barriers.

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Our Vision

A safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all.

Our Mission

We strengthen communities by supporting people experiencing barriers so they can achieve greater independence.

Our Values

Inclusive – We create an environment where everyone can feel welcome and respected. Accountable – We are responsive, take responsibility for our actions, and honour our commitments. Person-Centered – We adapt our approach to the individual and use empathy and compassion in all our interactions. Collaborative – We engage and work closely with others – both within and outside our organization. Determined – We are passionate, do not shy away from tough challenges, and respond to setbacks with a renewed drive to succeed.


We are thankful to receive donations from community members, as well as funding and grants from government and private sector partners, in addition to other sources. For more details on the funding that we receive, please refer to our financial statement or contact us. 


Annual Reports & Financial Statements

Our annual reports offer key highlights on what we accomplished throughout the year, our impact on people and communities, and what we seek to achieve moving forward. To view our financial statements and learn how we utilize funding, please email for more information.

Annual Reports