Access to adequate housing is fundamental to the creation of safe, healthy, and inclusive communities for all. We assist people to secure housing that meets their unique needs and provide the community-based supports necessary for them to maintain that housing in the long-run.


Our transitional housing services assist people on conditional release from correctional facilities to reintegrate into the community by providing a safe and welcoming home environment accompanied with robust support services that enhance community safety and promote a successful transition.

Our Community-Based Residential Facilities (CRFs) operate under contract with the Correctional Service of Canada. Each CRF provides safe, stable, and welcoming housing and wraparound supports to persons on day parole or conditional release with residence conditions from federal correctional institutions. All residents are subject to both general and specific conditions of release. Our CRFs serve people with diverse needs and provide up to 24-hour staff support to ensure community safety and provide structure, monitoring, and support.


Our staff provide residents with continuous support and advocacy as they navigate potential obstacles in their reintegration, and assist them to establish positive community connections. Our CRFs provide food, shelter, and access to amenities, and connect residents to supports related to every aspect of their reintegration efforts such as addictions, mental health, employment, education goals, and information on obtaining housing, personal identification, medical coverage, banking services, and recreational opportunities.


With the support and assistance of Connective staff, practicum students, and volunteers, CRF residents can meet their own needs and learn greater independence through the development of personal plans which create a foundation for change.


Our CRFs

Elliott House

Elliott House is a 25-bed home located in Abbotsford, with all single rooms. The residence is close to many community-based supports, social service agencies, and amenities. Elliot House residents also have access to Indigenous-focused programming taking place at Miyáqˈelhá:wetawt (Tims Manor).


Guy Richmond Place

Guy Richmond Place is an 18-bed community-based residential facility in Vancouver, with a mix of single and double rooms. Located near the Mount Pleasant Area, Guy Richmond Place is close to our Community Services Office which hosts a diverse array of community-based and life-skills programming. It’s also walking distance to public transit, grocery stores, and other community resources.


Hobden House

Hobden House is a 17-bed community-based residential facility located in Surrey, with a mix of single and double rooms. The home is centrally located and within walking distance to the SkyTrain and other forms of public transit. It also offers close access to several social service agencies and community-based supports.


Tims Manor

Tims Manor is an 18-bed residence located in Abbotsford, with 9 two-bedroom suites, and is the home of our Indigenous-focused Community-Based Residential Facility program, Miyáqˈelhá:wetawt. Miyáqˈelhá:wetawt provides residents with opportunities to practice ceremonies, cook traditional meals, eat together, paint, carve, and do beadwork, to increase residents’ connectivity to their spirituality and culture. Miyàq’elhà:wetawt creates space for Indigenous community partners to bring cultural and spiritual resources to people where they live. An elder comes to Miyáqˈelhá:wetawt twice a week to provide residents with private sessions, spiritual guidance, and lead them in ceremonies.



Clexlixten is a 7-bed home located in Kamloops, with single rooms. Residents are committed to a traditional healing path and are supported through traditional healing practices. They also have the opportunity to be connected with an Elder.  



Fairview is a 6-bed home located in Kamloops, with a mix of single and double room units. Fairview is designed to meet the unique needs of women, providing person-centered support services with a focus on reuniting residents with their families, children and community.  


Georgian Court 

Georgian Court has a mix of single and double bed units for men. Georgian Court provides support services based on residents' personal goals and assists with a variety of health and life skills enhancement programs that foster self-reliance and independence. 


The goals of our Community-Based Residential Facilities are to:
  • Assisting men on release from federal and provincial correctional institutions as they reintegrate into the community
  • Contribute to community safety by monitoring resident's whereabouts and reporting any concerns the Correctional Service of Canada
  • Bridge the gap from the institution to the community
  • Act as an advocate, support person, role model, and mediate problem or conflict situations experienced by residents as they make efforts to affect positive changes in their lives
Admission criteria:
  • Be on conditional release with residency conditions or day parole from federal or provincial correctional institutions
  • Be accepted by the Residence Manager or Regional Director upon review of pertinent correctional file information in accordance with our admission criteria
  • Be willing and able to live in a group setting and follow the rules of the residence
  • Other admission criteria may apply
For more information on Community-Based Residential Facilities, please contact us:

Our Supervised Housing and Reintegration Program (SHARP) provides 24-hour monitoring and support in a safe, communal housing environment to people transitioning from corrections to the community in Whitehorse, Yukon. Located in a self-contained location on the Whitehorse Correctional Centre grounds, SHARP is the first program of its kind in Canada.

SHARP contributes to resident’s safe and successful transition to community by assisting them in navigating obstacles that they experience and providing programming, support, advocacy and information on community resources.

The goals of our Supervised Housing and Reintegration Program are to:
  • Provide a home-like atmosphere with added structure that promotes a positive communal environment
  • Assist and support individuals on release to reintegrate into the community
  • Bridge the gap from the institution to the community
  • Keep the community safe by providing 24-hour support and monitoring
  • Act as an advocate and support residents as they make the efforts to affect positive changes in their lives
  • Provide information and assistance with housing, employment, and other key areas that connect individuals to their community and support them to achieve their goals
Admission criteria:
  • Be on conditional release from federal or territorial corrections
  • Be accepted by the Residence Manager or Regional Director upon review of pertinent correctional file information in accordance with our admission criteria
  • Be willing and able to live in a group setting and follow the rules of the residence
  • Other admission criteria may apply
For more information on Supervised Housing and Reintegration Program, please contact us:


Our supportive housing programs feature an integrated model that couples housing with provisions of community-based and living skills support. Service users may live in a Connective housing option or in a community setting, and receive person-centered support to meet their goals and needs.

We have a range of innovative, person-centred residential programs that assist people under the care of CLBC with diverse needs who may experience complex and intersecting barriers. This includes residential programs that provide affordable housing; alternatives to the traditional justice and forensic systems; programs that utilize a trauma-informed harm reduction model; and those for persons experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness.


Some of our Community Living residential programs provide 24-hour living assistance, while others are independent suite options with access to staff supports. While our Community Living residential programs look different for each resident depending on their self-identified needs, goals, and interests, our programs provide options as necessary for skill building in the following areas to promote both community inclusion and greater independence:

  • Daily living skills: Personal hygiene, health/mental health, time management, meal planning and preparation, shopping, daily/weekly chores, and budgeting
  • Community awareness and social maturity: Transportation, leisure, volunteering, interpersonal skills, relationship building, consideration, problem-solving, and public safety
  • Educational and vocational skills: Employment readiness preparation, referrals to community-based educational/job training programs, volunteer placements, job searches, resume, and job interviews
  • Increased social network: Increasing community connectedness through activities that foster participation, inclusion, and access to essential support
  • Community engagement: Enhancing opportunities related to volunteering, employment, recreational activities, day programs, and community engagement

Our Community Living Residential Programs


Fraser Street Apartments

Fraser Apartments is an independent living residential option comprised of 8 bachelor suites for individuals under the care of CLBC, which provides a residence with strong community ideals within an inclusive and affordable housing platform. Fraser Apartments acts as a foundation for long-term sustainable housing while fostering a community where people experience belonging. By blending a housing-first and person-centred approach, it strives to serve a wide demographic of people living with multiple barriers including areas of developmental disabilities, problematic substance use, homelessness, and mental health. Fraser Apartments also provides an opportunity for tenants to establish themselves in a community that is welcoming, supportive, and safe.


Miller Block 

Miller Block provides stable and supportive housing for people under the care of CLBC who may be experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness who also have co-occurring barriers such as active substance use, ongoing mental health, and social and criminal justice issues. The residential program provides a housing opportunity where residents can participate in a rich social community that embraces differences and promotes the active participation of each resident. Miller Block acts as a pivotal building block towards long-term sustainable housing by leveraging community, creating effective programming, and supporting people with life-skills. Miller Block works in partnership with CLBC, and by blending a housing first and person-centred approach to peoples’ lives, supports people with the opportunity to establish themselves in a community that is welcoming, supportive, and safe. Miller Block is made up of 13 independent single occupancy suites, with private bathrooms and kitchens in each. Residents at Miller Block have access to on-site staff support 16-18 hours per day.


Vancouver Apartments

Vancouver Apartments provides 24-hour support to residents who are under the care of CLBC in a community home setting. The program supports residents to acquire the social, educational, or vocational upgrading which will enable them to thrive in less structured independent living arrangements. Vancouver Apartments provides intensive living assistance to promote independence, and activities focus on community participation, inclusion, and removing barriers and stigma to accessing essential supports.


Individualized Community Living Residential Programs

Our Individualized Community Living Residential programs provide a structured living environment and community supports for adults under the care of CLBC with supervision orders which require 24-hour monitoring. The programs provide innovative and individualized alternatives to the traditional justice and forensic systems, and residents are supported to achieve community integration through a customized model of housing and supports. Our individualized residential programs provide monitoring for safe living in the community, and person-centred plans through which residents can learn the skills necessary to be responsible, independent, contributing members of society within the parameters of their supervision orders.

The goals of our Community Living Residential Services are to:
  • Provide a supportive home environment
  • Increase social network for residents to experience increased community connectedness
  • Provide living assistance and skill building to enhance community participation and inclusion
  • Promote independence through individualized plans that reflect the goals of the person served
Admission criteria:
  • Our Community Living Residential programs support individuals who are funded by CLBC, who outline the admission criteria for the residential programs. Please contact your local CLBC office for admission and referral inquiries.
For more information on Community Living Residential Services, please contact us:

Home Share is a residential option for adults under the care of CLBC in which the individual shares a home with a Home Share provider who provides ongoing, individualized support. Homes may be owned, rented, or leased by the Home Share provider or by the individual requiring support. In some situations, the individual lives in a family home. In others, the Home Share provider and the supported individual live together as roommates in a cooperative relationship. The individuals within the home not only share their living space, but also their lives. In some homes, the members of the household spend significant amounts of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. In other situations, the Home Sharing arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships.


Individuals tend to choose this option because it provides an ideal balance of support and independence. Individuals are able to select a Home Share provider and home environment that meet their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible and evolves according to the changing needs of the individual. For some, Home Share is a stepping stone to even greater independence. For others, it is a long-term arrangement.

The goals of our Home Share Program are to:
  • Facilitate a stable, long-lasting relationship between individuals and Home Share providers offering individualized support
  • Enhance the quality of life for people using Home Share services
  • Increase the life-skills, independence, and experience of safety and community inclusion for those using Home Share services
Admission criteria:
  • Our Home Share programs support individuals who are funded by CLBC, who outline the admission criteria for residential shared living programs. Please contact your local CLBC office for admission and referral inquiries

Are you interested in providing Home Share support?

Home Share Providers provide a high quality of care and have access to courses, training, and resources that enhance the quality of their support. They are required to undergo a thorough screening process that includes criminal record checks, a home study, reference checks, a medical certificate, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training, and first aid certifications.


To apply to become a Home Share Provider, email us (contact details below) a detailed resume and cover letter highlighting your interest and experience supporting people with developmental disabilities. We also welcome you to connect with us to learn more about Home Share, and opportunities to contribute to the program.


For more information on Home Share Program, please contact us:

In partnership with the Council of Yukon First Nations, we were honoured to assume operations of the Housing First residence in the spring of 2021.


Initially developed in 2019 and delivered by the Government of Yukon, we recognize and respect the work that the Housing First Residence team has done over the past year. We are delighted to collaborate with CYFN as we build on this work, and to bring our values and experience to serve residents and the community.


The Housing First Residence is a 16-unit low-barrier supportive housing residence in Whitehorse. Residents receive onsite 24/7 support from staff trained to provide trauma-informed, solution-focused, strengths-based, and culturally appropriate services.


The Housing First model is an approach to ending homelessness that provides people with immediate access to permanent housing with no housing readiness or compliance requirements; it is recovery-oriented and centres on self-determination, harm reduction, and community integration.


Through funding and support from the Yukon Government, the Housing First Residence supports individuals who are experiencing chronic or episodic homelessness, who may require various types of support due to mental health or substance use challenges.


Staff assist individuals to meet their self-determined needs and goals through supports including:

  • Life-skill development
  • Goal setting & community inclusion
  • Mental health and wellness support
  • Support for independent living
  • Harm Reduction resources and knowledge

Residents have access to on-site programming and supports, including cultural supports and programming led by the Council of Yukon First Nations.

The goal of the Housing First Residence is to reduce homelessness by providing immediate, low-barrier housing and wraparound supports to enhance individual’s overall independence and quality of life
Admission criteria:
  • Have a history of homelessness or poverty affecting the ability to find and secure housing
  • Experience complex barriers to housing, such as involvement or risk of involvement in the criminal justice system, physical or developmental disabilities, or mental health challenges
  • Other admission criteria specific to the program funding
For more information on Housing First Residence, please contact us:

Operated in partnership with the Interior Health Authority and BC Housing, Bedford Manor provide a home-like environment and person-centered support. Each resident is encouraged to bring their own furnishings and belongings to make their one-bedroom suite their own. The program supports residents to maintain independence, while encouraging social, recreational and therapeutic inclusion.


For more information on Assisted Living, Interior Health Authority and BC Housing, please visit the websites below:

For more information on Bedford Manor, please contact:

Lighthouse is an apartment complex with 18 self-contained studio units for persons living on a fixed income. Each suite includes a kitchen and 4-piece bathroom, and all residents have access to free communal laundry, common room with kitchen, hobby room, and outdoor gazebo. Onsite staff provide 24/7 support services and support. 


For more information on Lighthouse, please contact:

Diversity Flats is a 60-unit affordable housing project, in partnership between Connective, BC Housing and the City of Kamloops. 


The application process is open, welcoming general inquiries and application packages from prospective tenants. Tenancy selection for this affordable housing building is based in part on income threshold, and applications require a Notice of Assessment, paystubs, or a declaration of income and assets form to confirm eligibility.Units are priced 20-30% under market rental rate for the community, ranging from $850 to $1450, based on square footage and unit layout. 

*Move ins will be scheduled throughout the months of March and April. 


Diversity Flats provides affordable housing for singles, couples and families with low to moderate income. 


The building includes: 

  • Accessible suites 
  • Studio units 
  • 1- and 2-bedroom apartments 
  • Adaptable 1-2 bedroom adjoining units 
  • Accessible laundry 
  • Outdoor and indoor bicycle and scooter spaces 
  • Open parking, with opportunities for an assigned parking  
  • Opportunities for indoor storage units 
  • Pet friendly units available, with appropriate considerations and agreement to pet policy in place 

For more information on Diversity Flats or for application inquiries, please contact us at:


Our Community Housing programs seek to promote and fulfill an individual’s right to safe and affordable housing by connecting people experiencing homelessness or precarious housing to appropriate community resources that will enable them to secure and maintain long-term housing and end the cycle of homelessness. We strive to achieve this goal by engaging with community organizations and service providers to locate and secure access to housing that meets their self-determined needs. 


Homelessness Prevention Program

Our Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) aims to connect individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with safe, affordable housing. Our HPP outreach team works with individuals to assess their needs, assist with personal goals, and connect with stable accommodation and appropriate services. HPP provides individuals with tenancy support and skills training, follow up and ongoing support to tenants, and works to build and maintain relationships with landlords providing housing, and provides education and resources to landlords to support and maintain residencies, as appropriate. HPP Rental Supplements, available for eligible individuals, assist with securing and maintaining housing in the community.


Reaching Home

Reaching Home prevents and reduces chronic and episodic homelessness among individuals facing multiple barriers such as criminal justice experience, mental health challenges, or problematic substance use by connecting them to safe and stable housing along with wraparound supports. Our Reaching Home team provides intensive case management to address the complex needs of the people they support and works to connect individuals to community resources that will enable them to maintain long-term housing and end the cycle of homelessness. While working with individuals to connect them to appropriate housing opportunities, our Reaching Home team also provides support in areas that contribute to housing security including: support with obtaining identification, education, employment, community programming, assistance addressing substance misuse issues, mental health services, legal issues, and general support. The program team works collaboratively with our Community Service Office to ensure that requests are addressed and responded to in a timely matter.


The goals of our Community Housing Programs are to:
  • Reduce homelessness by addressing the barriers that people encounter to help enhance their overall independence and quality of life
  • To increase knowledge of, and access to, housing, resources, and appropriate wraparound supports that will assist in providing stability in people's lives
  • Continue to expand partnerships with housing providers and identify more affordable housing placements for people facing barriers to housing in our communities
Admission criteria:
  • Have a history of homelessness, or poverty affecting the ability to find and secure housing
  • Require assistance in locating and maintaining safe and affordable housing
  • Experience complex barriers to housing, such as involvement or risk of involvement in the criminal justice system, physical or developmental disabilities, or mental illness
  • Other admission criteria specific to the program funding
For more information on Community Housing Programs, please contact us:

Skyview Ridge are below market rent 3-bedroom townhomes for families. Created to support a continuum of affordable rental housing in Kamloops, the complex is owned and operated without the assistance of government funding and is committed to ensuring that rent remains below market value. 

For more information on Skyview Ridge, please contact:

Victory Inn is a three story apartment building with 32 single occupancy units for people who permanently reside in BC. These are long-term, subsidized housing units that work to provide affordable housing for residents in Kamloops.


For more information on Victory Inn, please contact:

As of October 1, 2022, Connective is honoured to assume operations of the Whitehorse Emergency Shelter. We are pleased to work with our partners at CYFN to support the Whitehorse community with a safe and accessible housing for people experiencing homelessness. To learn more please click here.


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