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Justice Services

We provide support and advocacy to people impacted by the criminal justice system, to help them successfully transition back into their community

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Pre-Release Supports

Pre-release supports assist incarcerated individuals as they plan and prepare to reintegrate into their community. Services include connections to resources and community supports, and guidance with meeting self-identified needs and goals. Pre-release services work to bridge the gap between the institution and community, reduce feelings of isolation, and foster positive community connections.

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Community-Based Residential Facilities (CRFs)

Community-Based Residential Facilities (CRFs) provide structured, stable housing for those on conditional release from federal, provincial, and territorial institutions. Residents are connected to a comprehensive support system to enable a successful transition back into the community. Individuals at CRFs are supervised by Correctional Service of Canada.

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Community Reintegration

Community Reintegration services provide resources, tools, and support to individuals reintegrating into their community after a period of incarceration. Supports can include assistance with securing housing or employment, navigating challenges with mental health and addiction, or developing life-skills and positive community connections.

Alternative Justice Interventions

Alternative Justice Interventions provide an alternative to detention for individuals referred by CBSA and awaiting deportation under the Immigration Refugee Act. Service users are connected to a variety of community supports to ensure their self-identified needs are met, including supports related to mental health, addictions, and housing.

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