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A voluntary educational program for men, based on a long-established model for domestic violence reduction and prevention

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About STOP

STOP is a voluntary educational program for men, based on a long-established model for domestic violence reduction and prevention. It is designed to help establish positive outlooks and behaviors through a focus on accountability and communication skills. Participants can self-refer or be referred by other community programs or services.


Provided at no cost to participants, the STOP program is led by two qualified and experienced coordinators. It runs in a 10–12-week unit format, with topics that include:

  • Defining abuse
  • Emotional literacy
  • Anger
  • Communication
    • Self-Talk
    • Non-Violent
    • Interpersonal
  • Self Esteem
  • Partners perspective
  • Accountability
  • Toxic shame
  • Relapse prevention


The STOP program provides participants with the knowledge and skill-based training needed to achieve personal goals and complete journeys of self-improvement, while also contributing to community safety.


Interior Okanagan
If you are looking for this service in another location in BC or the Yukon, please contact us to connect with a Connective partner in your community.

How to Apply

The STOP program is open for any man to self-refer into. The program is specifically intended for those who:


  • Have abused or threatened to abuse a partner, or who has used controlling behavior in a relationship
  • Believe they may be abusive, and desire to exhibit positive change
  • Is currently facing the consequences of his anger through the court system


Anyone looking to make a self-referral can fill out the form below and email it to


STOP Client Referral Form 2022


How fast can I access services?

The STOP program runs in two 10–12-week sessions per year, when funding is available, and so may involve a waiting period until the start of the next session, depending on when an individual is accepted.

Who is the STOP program for?

The STOP program is intended for people who have identified problematic behavior within themselves and have demonstrated a desire to affect positive change. You can’t be mandated to engage with the STOP program, and an active, motivated outlook on the program’s completion is an important part of the interview process and acceptance into the program.

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Everyone deserves to feel safe and included in their chosen community, and so we are here for everyone – at every stage, in any circumstance.


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