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Vancouver Community Services Office (CSO)

A drop-in space that can be accessed by anyone in the community in need of assistance. Located at 3360 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC.

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Contact the CSO

Phone Number 604-872-5471

About the Vancouver CSO

The Vancouver Community Services Office (CSO) is a drop-in space that can be accessed by anyone in the community in need of assistance. The CSO is located at 3360 Fraser St in Vancouver, BC.


Many service users who come to the CSO are from marginalized and vulnerable communities and are experiencing multiple, and persistent barriers to accessing community resources. Our staff and volunteers are trained to help service users navigate these challenges.


We respond to people’s self-identified needs by connecting them to relevant services, supports, and resources, which may include offering assistance with:

  • Securing and maintaining safe and affordable housing
  • Seeking addiction services or residential treatment programs
  • Income tax resources
  • Obtaining identification
  • Release planning
  • Educational upgrading
  • Parole applications and hearings with the Parole Board of Canada
  • Legal concerns and referrals
  • Advocacy in jail/prison, and following release to the community


The CSO also provides support for service users who participate in other Connective programs.

Location – 3360 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC

Lower Mainland
If you are looking for this service in another location in BC or the Yukon, please contact us to connect with a Connective partner in your community.

Admission Criteria

There is no referral process or criteria – resources delivered through Vancouver CSO can be accessed by all individuals in need of assistance.

How to Apply

Our Vancouver CSO is a walk-in office open to the public that provides on-site programming and supports, and is a free call from Surrey Pretrial, North Fraser Pretrial, or Fraser Regional Correctional Centre.


What are the goals of the CSO?

The Goals of the Community Service Office are to:

  • Support individuals through transitional periods
  • Facilitate referrals to community resources to establish safety and success for both individuals and their community
  • Increase community knowledge and awareness of criminal and social justice challenges and solutions

What supports can I access through the Vancouver CSO?

Individuals who use our space have access to coffee, snacks, computers and phones, washrooms, harm reduction supplies, and other basic needs. There are no eligibility screenings; anyone is welcome to access the space. We provide a wide range of supports; most frequently, folks come to us for support with finding housing, but we can also help with applying for income assistance, setting up a community mail file, filling out record suspension applications, accessing other community programs, or searching for employment. The CSO is also a free call from provincial institutions, so we are often able to support individuals with release planning and support. It also directly refers eligible participants to our housing and employment outreach programs.


Programs like the UBC Dental Hygiene clinic, our ID clinic, our income tax clinic, and the Understanding Anger group operate out of the CSO. The CSO also hosts arts programming, games groups, and other social opportunities. 

How can community members support the Vancouver Community Services Office?

The Vancouver CSO is primarily staffed by volunteers and practicum students, which can be an incredible way to give back to the community. Community members are always welcome to attend any of our events, access our services, or come into the office to have a coffee and get to know us. We also have community members who donate supplies like coffee, snacks, hygiene products, socks, gloves, and other items frequently needed by individuals who access the space.


Another way to support us is to talk about us in your community and learn more about the root causes of the issues faced by our population such as housing insecurity, the impacts of colonization, income inequality, and toxic drug deaths. 

Contact the Vancouver CSO

Everyone deserves to feel safe and included in their chosen community, and so we are here for everyone – at every stage, in any circumstance.


Whether you’re looking for services or looking for information, we invite you to explore our website or contact our staff anytime using this form.

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