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Bedford Manor

An assisted living residence for individuals living with disabilities who are referred through the Interior Health Authority

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About Bedford Manor

Bedford Manor is an assisted living residence for individuals living with disabilities who are referred through the Interior Health Authority. The program, located in Kamloops, provides 24-hour support to 76 residents in a four-story apartment building that is wheelchair accessible.


Bedford Manor allows residents to maintain as much independence as possible in a home-like environment while pursuing their own unique goals. Residents receive individualized support with the tasks of daily living, as well as access to a variety of recreational activities.  


Residents have access to a variety of services, supports, and opportunities, including: 

  • Lunch and dinner service, with an option to purchase breakfast service 
  • Housekeeping once a week, with an option to purchase additional services 
  • Internal Lifeline system to monitor and ensure resident safety and wellbeing 
  • Access to a variety of weekly recreational activities 
  • Access to dining room, TV lounge, and recreational spaces 
  • Assigned scooter parking, and with some car parking  
  • Partnership with Interior Health for medical equipment requisition 
  • Telephone services available for purchase 


The Bedford Manor program is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of residents. The team works hard to meet the individual needs of each resident so they can pursue and achieve their goals. 


  • Maximize independence through support and barrier-free structures and processes within the home 
  • Respect and promote the autonomy of residents as they express their health needs and values 
  • Value and advocate for the dignity and self-respect of all residents   
  • Ensure residents’ self-direction and freedom to access community services and programs 
  • Maintain a home-like environment that supports each client’s preferred lifestyle 


Interior Okanagan
If you are looking for this service in another location in BC or the Yukon, please contact us to connect with a Connective partner in your community.

Admission Criteria

Residents must have a minimum of one health care need (personal grooming, assistance with medication, etc.), be receiving home health services, and be able to demonstrate some level of independence.

How to Apply

Application to Bedford Manor is managed through Interior Health’s home health services. Potential residents must first initiate and trial home health services, after which a request can be made to move into assisted living if additional services are required to meet an individual’s needs.


Once a request has been made, Interior Health will manage an initial screening process to determine potential program suitability. Interior Health also manages the wait list for Bedford Manor. When a vacancy becomes available, Interior Health will be notified, and a secondary screening, and tour, will take place with Bedford Manor staff.


Those interested in applying to Bedford Manor should reach out to their local home health office (Kamloops: 250-851-7900) and request a self-referral for assisted living

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Apply to Bedford Manor?

Access to Bedford Manor is handled through Interior Health and home health services. Individuals can not reach out to Bedford Manor directly to apply for residence.

Individuals interested in Bedford Manor should reach out to their home health office and request a self-referral for assisted living.

What is it like to work at Bedford Manor?

The team at Bedford Manor is a close-knit, family-oriented community that collaborates daily to cover any needs that may arise. Because of the dynamic nature of assisted living, there are a lot of crossovers within roles, and what may be required of you flexes day-to-day.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living residences are intended for those who have a level of independence but require day-to-day assistance in one or two areas.


This differs from long-term care, where individuals require greater assistance daily, and often have more complex health care needs.

How can neighbours or public get in touch with Bedford Manor?

To reach Bedford Manor, neighbors or members of the public can call 250-434-1702.

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Everyone deserves to feel safe and included in their chosen community, and so we are here for everyone – at every stage, in any circumstance.


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