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Home Share

Home Share is a flexible residential option for eligible adults through CLBC, and is tailored to support each individual's unique needs and goals

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About Home Share

Home Share is a flexible residential option where an adult shares a home with a person, couple, or family, who provides them with ongoing and individualized support. These housing options are available to eligible adults through CLBC and can be tailored to support each individual’s unique needs and goals.


In some situations, the individual lives in a family home. In others, the Home Share provider and the supported individual live together as roommates in a cooperative relationship. Homes may be owned, rented, or leased by the Home Share provider or by the individual requiring support.


In some homes, the members of the household spend significant amounts of time together and are actively involved in one another’s daily activities. In other situations, the Home Sharing arrangement is characterized by more independent relationships.


Individuals tend to choose this option because it provides an ideal balance of support and independence. Individuals are able to select a Home Share provider and home environment that meet their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible and evolves according to the changing needs of the individual. For some, Home Share is a stepping stone to greater independence, and or others, it is a long-term arrangement.


Fraser Valley Lower Mainland
If you are looking for this service in another location in BC or the Yukon, please contact us to connect with a Connective partner in your community.

Admission Criteria

Our Home Share programs support individuals who are funded by CLBC, who outline the admission criteria for residential shared living programs. Please contact your local CLBC office for admission and referral inquiries.

How to Apply

To become a resident in a Home Share program, please contact your local CLBC office for admission inquiries.


If you are interested in becoming a Home Share Provider, please email us a detailed resume and cover letter highlighting your interest and experience supporting people with developmental disabilities.


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What qualifications do I need to be a Home Share provider?

Home Share Providers provide a high quality of care and have access to courses, training, and resources that enhance the quality of their support. They are required to undergo a thorough screening process that includes criminal record checks, a home study, reference checks, a medical certificate, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training, and first aid certifications.


Please connect with us to learn more about Home Share, and opportunities to contribute to the program.

As a Home Share provider, what type of support would I need to provide?

Support varies based on the needs of the individual you are supporting. Some common Home Share supports include providing three healthy and nutritious meals each day, supporting the individual with cleaning and laundry, and ensuring they have their health needs met. Home Share Providers will work with their service user to create a person-centered support plan. 

What are the goals of Home Share?

The goals of our Home Share Program are to:
  • Facilitate a stable, long-lasting relationship between individuals and Home Share providers offering individualized support
  • Enhance the quality of life for people using Home Share services
  • Increase the life-skills, independence, and experience of safety and community inclusion for those using Home Share services
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Everyone deserves to feel safe and included in their chosen community, and so we are here for everyone – at every stage, in any circumstance.


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