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Providing safe, secure housing and wraparound supports to those on day parole, or on conditional release with residency conditions from federal institutions

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About Fairview

Fairview provides safe, secure housing and wraparound supports to those on day parole, or on conditional release with residency conditions from federal institutions. Fairview is located in Kamloops and is designed to meet the unique needs of women, providing person-centered support services with a focus on reuniting residents with their families, children, and community.


The 6-bed home contains both single and double units. Where other CRFs are adult-only, Fairview can accommodate mothers and children. The all-female staff team provides support services based on residents’ personal goals, and residents can access a variety of health and life skills enhancement programs that foster self-reliance and independence. 


Residents also have access to Indigenous-focused programming and are connected to supports and resources related to every aspect of their reintegration efforts such as: 

  • Addictions 
  • Mental health 
  • Employment 
  • Education goals 


Staff also provide support and information on obtaining housing, personal identification, medical coverage, banking services, and recreational opportunities.With staff support and advocacy, residents can navigate potential obstacles to reintegration, and build positive local connections. 


Fairview operates under contract with the Correctional Service of Canada. All residents are subject to both general and specific conditions of release.   


By bridging the gap between the institution and the community, Fairview contributes to community safety and supports residents to affect positive changes in their lives. 


Interior Okanagan
If you are looking for this service in another location in BC or the Yukon, please contact us to connect with a Connective partner in your community.

Admission Criteria

  • Be on conditional release with residency conditions or parole from federal or provincial institutions 
  • Be accepted by the Residence Manager or Regional Director upon review of pertinent correctional file information in accordance with our admission criteria 
  • Be willing and able to live in a group setting and follow the rules of the residence 
  • Other admission criteria may apply 

How to Apply

Those interested in Fairview can request a screening from their Parole Officer. 


What are the goals of Fairview?

The Goals of Fairview are to: 

  • Assist people on release from federal institutions as they reintegrate into the community 
  • Contribute to community safety by monitoring residents and reporting concerns to the Correctional Service of Canada 
  • Bridge the gap between institution and community 
  • Act as an advocate, supporter, and role model, and mediate problems or conflicts experienced by residents as they work to make positive changes in their lives 
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Everyone deserves to feel safe and included in their chosen community, and so we are here for everyone – at every stage, in any circumstance.


Whether you’re looking for services or looking for information, we invite you to explore our website or contact our staff anytime using this form.

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